Saturday, November 29, 2014

Slo Poks in the Community

Early Thanksgiving morning, 7:30 AM to be exact, the Andy Vail family and Bart and Rhonda Ouchida were participating in "The Run for the Hungry", a 5K event.  The Vails were running and the Ouchidas were walking.  This event, in it's twelfth year, put on by Gateway Church, raises money and gathers food the Camas and Washougal area hungry.  Before the event started there was a pretty good rain, but when the event started, the rain held off whole time.  This event used to start from the church parking lot across the street from Mad Max, but has grown so much that now it starts and ends at Washougal High School.
It was a great way to start a Thanksgiving Day!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

X001 All Metal Model A Speedster Body Complete

Finished #X001 all steel speedster body today and mounted it to Troy Jackson's Model A chassis.  We started this 2 weeks ago and had a blast doing the project.  It went pretty smooth and we plan to start #X002 tomorrow at Beaver Bob's shop.  Bodies will be available soon ready to bolt on your model A frame for $2000.00.  Get your orders in now!  Briz

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ted's new '32 is a winner on it's first trip to Beaches

Ted's new '32 RPU was a winner on it's first trip to Beaches last Wednesday.  The perfect Wednesday evening saw a typical large turnout and lots of competition, but Ted's new car prevailed and took home an honor.  The period correct models in the picture with the '32 are Bob and Christine Brunken's granddaughters.  The girls are real fans of the 50's and hot rod culture.  They actually and made their outfits and were very excited to pose with the '32.
Great job girls!
Congrats Ted on your new Hot Rod's win.

Wheels and Waves 2014

This year's Wheels and Waves show in Seaside saw wonderful weather and a great turnout for the very popular show.  The Slo Poks took home a couple of trophies, Kay and Chuck Hendrickson won a trophy for their outstanding 1959 Impala, and Florida Dave (never guess how he got his nick name) won the long distance award with his Model A Roadster.  Dennis Gage of "My Classic Car" was on hand, and also chose the Hendrickson's 1959 Impala as an outstanding car.  Chuck was interviewed by Dennis and the film crew spent 30 minutes filming the Impala.  Keep an eye out for this episode to air next spring!  

Chuck getting interviewed with his Slo Poks attire on, filling Dennis in on the details of his and Kay's beautiful Impala and a little blurb about the Slo Poks.  Recognize that handsome guy photo bombing the picture?  It is none other than a huge hot rod supporter, Mark of Beaches Restaurant and Bar.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Slo Poks Uptown Village Show 'n Shine

The Slo Poks 3rd annual Uptown Village Show 'n Shine was a huge success.  Before the show opened, the Slo Pok cars were all lined up on the east side of Main street, all 43 of them.  It was really impressive to see the quality and variety of cars that make up the Slo Poks, over 2 1/2 blocks of them!  Then, add in 130+ show goers, and we had us car show!  The weather was perfect.  Cars were lining up as early as 7:15, gates didn't open until 10.  We let cars in as soon as we were ready for them, about 8:15.  It was a great day, take a look at the pics to get a feel for the happenings of the day.  I haven't heard any numbers yet, but I am sure we will be able to donate a bunch of school supplies and support to the Hough Foundation.

The GB2 trophy of trophy winner was awarded to Rodger Huntley's traditional Model A coupe.

The "putting out the barricades parade"

Don found a little bag legal pot on the street.  It was determined that it would not be wise to add it to the raffle prizes.

Cars lined up at the gate, 3 wide, at 7:45 AM.  Gates scheduled to open at 10 AM.

GB2 had a little problem with the front end, the fasteners that hold the steering arm on the LH spindle came loose/off.  So, not only did we have a car show, but a tech clinic as well.

I found my reserved parking spot. . . . .