Monday, December 9, 2019

Reindeer Block Party

On Sunday was the Uptown Village Association annual Reindeer Block Party. This annual community event for families kicks off the Christmas season on Main Street. A group of Slo Poks helped in setup and teardown of the well attended Sunday afternoon event. 

Kruze for the Kidz

On Saturday was the Road Master's annual Kruze for the Kidz car party at Benny's Rod and Custom Pizza. The show benefits Open House Ministries that cares for homeless families in Vancouver. At the Alley before the show, the hat was passed and $175 was collected and presented to the show. The attendance was good inspite of the rain. The draw of the hot rod community and the one time a year Benny's serves breakfast  brings the die hard rodders out.
Thanks to the Road Masters for their faithfulness to put this show on for  a great cause, rain or shine.